Dining Room Before and After

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I've finally decided to share some of our rooms in our house. Not only to show, but I love having things here so that I can look back on them in the future and it helps me stay on track with what has been done and what we have left to do. I should have taken pictures of it empty before hand but luckily I found these images of the house on the MLS listing.

Here's before:

There is not much that really needs to be done, just paint to fit our taste. Corey and I decided to tackle this paint job by our selves and it only took 2 days and made a complete transformation. I love how paint is such an easy and inexpensive fix and adds such an impact.

Below are some pictures once we moved in (train wreck) but I am showing you every aspect of this before and after so bare with me. This was our original dining room table. We bought it from the seller of our last house who hand built it himself. I loved this table - it was black walnut but sadly, we misplaced the leafs somewhere along the way...I still have no idea where they ended up but that's beside the point. This table was wayyyy too small for this dining room so it had to go. 

The chairs were still great and my MIL's so they definitely were not going anywhere! We just needed to recover them. 

I scored this china cabinet at a consignment store in Augusta for $125! Another great piece that I doubt I'll ever part with. 

I only have 6 chairs with my last dining room set and knew I would need to add two more when I found a bigger table. I wanted to do find two upholstered wing backs or larger style chairs to recover. My Grammy gave me a set of martha washingtons she no longer needed. All they needed was some new fabric. 

My love for persians continue. I found this rug on eBay and linked the seller here. They were awesome to work with! AND..if you do not like the rug for any reason at all, they will pick it up for FREE and give you a full refund. 

I've been working with Caroline from Greenwood Decorating Center and she helped me pick out some color options for my dining room. I wanted a subtle light blue that would flow throughout the rooms since our house is somewhat open-concept. The colors were between this and my favorite, SW Comfort Gray. Full disclosure, I wanted to do comfort gray from the beginning, however, I thought I was being boring since it is the same color I painted in my dining room at our previous home. Soo, I tried something new and outside my box and what do you know...Corey and I hated it! Back to good ol' comfort gray it is. 

In the meantime, my rug came in and Caroline wanted to pull out this pretty blue and coral/salmon color out of the rug. This was perfect because I knew I wanted my dining room to be fun and make a statement but still be somewhat traditional. I told her the bolder the better and I absolutely loved the options we picked out.

I knew we were definitely going with the bold blue dots for the end chairs. I just could not decide between the other two options for our 6 other chairs. 

I ended up going with fabric on the left. It was brighter and not as drab and the texture won over the other option.  

Here's some after shots decorated for our friends giving we had the following week. 

Dining Room Checklist:
  • Paint
  • Rug
  • Find bigger table
  • Find wing back chairs
  • Window Treatments
  • Recover chairs
  • Change out lights with one big chandelier
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