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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I wanted to share some steals and deals because nothing makes me more excited than getting a good deal...I mean I can always justify a purchase if I'm saving money. My husband tends to disagree. 

I have been swooning over this piece from Ballard Designs for like ever...Love it.  

The price tag, not so much. The smallest one starts at $149 and goes up to $469. day I was randomly in Bed Bath and Beyond and came across this...

I decided not to buy it then because I did not want to buy anything on a whim. I am trying to do better on impulse buying and making sure I know exactly where I'm going to put something and to make sure I have the room for it - a constant struggle. 

Anyways, my birthday was coming up and I mentioned it to my mom and turns out we found it online and could use a coupon code..HEY. We ended up getting it for under $80 with free shipping. Total score in my book. 

Here's how it looks in my living room. 

Loved how it turned out. I'm actually working on a project at this very moment - it is drying in the basement as I write this post. I'm redoing a table I brought over from my grandfathers and painting it a deep royal blue.  I will do an update once it is finished. Thanks for reading!

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