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Monday, August 4, 2014

I wanted to share some exciting things that are currently going on in my life. 

Over the past year I have noticed how (not depressed) but just not really excited about life I have become. I would wake up, go to the work, come home and start over again, just going through the motions. My husband, family and close friends could definitely tell something was different about me. It turned out that my job was to blame. 

I do not want this post to seem like I am "hating" on my job. It was a great first REAL job and I would never take away the experience and things I have learned along the way. However, it was something that I was just not passionate about nor have an interest in. I know you might be thinking, it's a job, your not supposed to enjoy it but I want to overcome that stigma. A job is not a job if you enjoy what you do. 

I have prayed and prayed about it and I have decided to go back to my true love and passion. You have probably heard me mention my mother-in-laws children's boutique. Well...she asked me to come work for her to start learning the ropes to prepare for when she retires. I worked at The Frilly Frog from the very beginning when we opened our doors 5 years ago and always loved working for the shop. 

Some might say, "I'm throwing my degree away" but I have to disagree. My business courses throughout college aimed at management, finance, and marketing which will all be essential for my new venture. Marketing was always a love of mine and I am looking forward to utilizing that aspect to the business. 

In the end, I cannot wait to start this new opportunity and already noticed my mood shifting. I want to encourage people to live out their dreams and do what makes them happy because life is simply way too short not to. Sure there are tradeoffs, and Corey and I will have to make some changes that we have discussed in depth, but we are ready to take that leap of faith. 

I am also very excited to focus more attention to my blog now that I will have more free time. It has been a real struggle to come home after working all day and then to blog - clearly, seeing that I have not blogged in over a month! I love blogging though, it is my creative outlet and I told myself that if it ever becomes work I would simply quit. I found this quote quite fitting for this post.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. So happy for you! Prayers for you as you embark on this new journey! A children's boutique sounds so much FUN!!! :-)


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