Vacation to Cancun

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm trying to catch up on my blogging and wanted to share some pictures from our vacation earlier this summer to Mexico. We had the best time but now it's back to life...back to reality.  Did you catch your self singing this in your head like I am?

airplane view

We went during the World Cup so we obviously had to take a picture in front of the gigantic soccer ball. 

We went to a show just about every night but I only managed to get one blurry picture. 

One afternoon while the boys were watching soccer at the Sports Lounge, Hannah and I decided to sign up for a Sushi-making class. It was so much fun and so EASY. I have not attempted it again by myself yet simply because I need to find somewhere to buy the supplies and type of ingredients. 

Its hard to tell but there was a conveyor belt in the middle of the table and as they would make sushi it was come down the table and you would grab what you wanted. It was pretty neat. 

The next night was Casino night. Corey and Bailey sat the poker table all night while Hannah and I were with the life of the party at Black Jack. We were with some real characters and I have never laughed so hard. Hannah even won out the table and received an all day pass to the spa. 

That's all the pictures for now - I need to find my other camera to upload more. 

That was our summer vacay. Can't wait to start planning on where we go next year! Any suggestions?

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