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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hi loves. I wanted to share my latest epiphany that I discovered totally by mistake. A couple of days ago I purchased this nail polish at Walgreens when I was picking up some neccecities and really liked the color. It is L'oreal in Skinny Jeans. It is a great summer color when I feel like being 'wild and adventurous'. A couple days later I decided I was no longer wanting my go-to polish of 'too hot pink to hold em' and wanted to give skinny jeans a try. I put the first coat on and all of a sudden these little bubbles would appear once it dried. I was kinda ticked off thinking that I would have chooses the malfunctioned nail polish. I put on another coat to see if the bubbles would go away and that's when I realized the polish is supposed to have the bebbled shinny look - duh. I felt so stupid but it turns out I really liked it. First off, I love L'oreal's nail polish anyways. It's super easy to put on - something about the applicator fits to my nails perfectly and I can quickly do my nails in a sintch without having to worry about the polish laying flat. This comes in handy a lot, especially when I change my polish twice a week on the reg - my poor nails. I think L'oreal might even beat OPI. 

Here's some pictures to show you just what I'm talking about. 

From afar it just looks like it has some shimmer to the color but up close you can see the bebbled look. 

The best part is, if you do happen to mess up when painting, you will not be able to tell! For instance, I like to paint my nails in the bed so that I can let them dry while watching tv or whatnot. Sometimes the polish is not always dry and will wrinkle and have pressed marks from where I had slept the next morning. With this polish, it already has the texture on top so you don't even have to worry about that. 

I just had to share my little mistake that turned out to be an awesome outcome that I would have not chosen myself. 

Happy Tuesday everyone. 

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