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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To celebrate our one year wedding anniversary last week, Corey and I decided to drive down to Hilton Head to enjoy some R&R for a couple of days. It was MUCH needed to say the least. It was so nice to just sleep in if and not have a schedule. We did, however, do T25 every morning just to make sure we stayed on track and not completely ruin our routine. If you do not know what T25 is, I will be doing a post on it soon.

We spent the first day at the beach and then got ready to check out some shops and antique stores around Sea Pines. We were on the hunt for a club chair for our living room and heard a lot of good things about Hilton Head's furniture consignments that wouldn't break the bank.

Speaking of breaking the bank, can I just brag a second? I got this maxi-dress on clearance from Old Navy last summer for...(drum roll please) $5.94!!! I should have gotten Corey to do a full picture of the dress but should-a, could-a, would-a. Remember, we are new at this blogging/picture taking thing. ;)

The first night we made dinner reservations at Bonefish, my favorite, and we always go there while in Hilton Head. We were pretty hungry after our shopping so we ran across this restaurant called, The British Pub and Cafe. We thought we would sit down and enjoy a drink and a little appetizer since we had to wait on our reservation. Yes, we had a pre-meal before our actual meal. Ah, gotta love it. We're on vacation THOUGH!

Check out this baked brie topped with raspberry sauce and sliced was delicious! This was Corey's first time eating brie and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next day was another beach day...for about 15 minutes. It was a sand storm. I could hardly open my eyes and those 15 minutes resulted in sand all over my body. Not cool. So we went to Giuseppi's for a slice of pizza and hung out by the pool all day. We got ready and did a little more shopping before dinner.

Top: Kohl's - Lauren Conrad
Shorts: Britt Ryan from my favorite boutique back home, Sugar
Shoes: Corey surprised me with these Tory Burch snakeskin millers.

 I love them but they are definitely not as comfortable as my other pair. I think the gold logo dug into the top of my foot. I'm hoping I just need to break them in.

Here's a close up of my stack.

Notice I'm rocking my B&B bangle with my (2) "make-shift" ones I attempted. I still need a little work.

We ate at Truffles the next night and it was delicious as always. Like tradition, I got the mango BBQ salmon. Best salmon ever, I promise!

Corey got the chicken pot pie but said it was no where near as good as ours.

A little background on the chicken pot pie. Corey and I learned how to make it this past fall and it was a staple in our household and when I say staple, I mean we were having it just about twice a week. So, we love our chicken pot pie. I will have to post the recipe on here sometime.

Oh and did I mention I scored this pretty little thing at the Kate Spade outlet? It was an extra 50% off and Corey was feeling generous so why not? I'm obsessed. I cannot wait to carry it all summer.

Corey keeping up with his social media...

While I play around with my camera, trying to master the "sun-flare"...

Here's another outfit I wore during our trip and it has one my favorite things...butterflies, so you could see why I love this top. But no, it gets better. Check out the back. 

Ah yes, you know what I love even more than butterflies...BOWS. Thank you Lilly, once again.

Here's a close up. I should have made the bow prettier but I got lazy.

These Sam Edelman's have been my go to shoe so far this season. The best part? I got them for FREE! Yup, you heard right. My MIL bought them from the shoe store next door to her shop and they ended up not fitting right after she got home and already threw the box away. 

And you can't go on vacation without enjoying brunch...

One morning we ate at this quaint shop and restaurant called, Low Country Produce. They are known for their homemade yeast doughnuts which we of course had to try.

They were not exactly what we were expecting or used to but were still good. They reminded me of the doughnuts you would get at a chinese buffet. I know that does not do these doughnuts justice but hey, I call them like I see them, or in this case, taste them. 

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