Thursday, May 1, 2014

Corey and I finished T25 today. Praise the lord! - Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the workout but I had had enough of our living room being non-functional for the past 10 weeks. Tonight we were able to finally move our coffee table back to its original spot and hang out in the living room. 

If you are not familiar with T25, it is a workout DVD from the same creator of Insanity but instead of 30-45 minutes, T25 is only 25 minutes. Hence the name. It is a 10 week program. The first 5 weeks are known as "Alpha" where you concentrate on building your foundation. Once you have completed Alpha you move on to Beta which is the same concept as Alpha but the moves are more difficult and you focus more on your core and adding strength. 

You get a good sweat and you know you've worked your tail off in those short 25 minutes. Depending on the workout, I would burn anywhere from 225-280 calories. 

T25 also comes with recipes and recommended foods to eat which has added to our food repetrar. We are eating things that I have never even heard of like lentils, quino, etc. 

The thing I like most about T25 is that it is only 25 minutes so there is no excuses and it seriously flies by! I lost a total of 14 lbs and Corey lost 17 lbs. I think I would have lost more if I had not cheated every so often with KitKats at work. Oops. Before, if I would do a fast run on the treadmill I would maybe last 5 minutes and that is on a good day. Now I am able to run 25-30 minutes straight which still blows my mind.  

Here is the list of workouts for Beta. I liked some workouts more than others. For instance, Corey's favorite was Speed 2.0 and I would sometimes cringe, grumble when I knew we were doing that one. 

Starting tomorrow, I'll be going back to the gym and to a normal house again - yay!

What's you're favorite workout routine? 


  1. i love your blog!It's beautiful! I saw your reply on the Lucky post, and im new at blogging as well! I just followed on GFC:) Would love if you checked out and followed my blog as well!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the comment and reading! I will definitely check your outs and cannot wait to follow along. :)



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