Weekend Recap

Friday, May 9, 2014

We are so close to the weekend and I'm so behind on my blogging - Ahhh! I am finally posting my weekend recap from last week, oops! It has been crazy lately but that's a good thing I guess. So without further ado…

Last Friday we cooked out with my old time bestie and her husband. Luckily, they are just down the street from us so it is not hard to plan things on a whim. 

We decided on steaks and veggies on the grill. I'm finally trying out our cool flexible skewers we got for a wedding present. 

Corey made some bacon wrapped dates and hot corn dip. Yum, my favorite! 

We know who the high maintenance one is out of the two. She always wants to be held. Poor Tate.

Been living together since 08'! She is even so kind to stay with me in a few weekends while Corey goes on a bachelor trip. Slumber party here we come! 

The next day my Mom and I headed off to Augusta for some shopping. I had to get my car serviced and we always love to check out their antique shops.

I found another topiary (go figure - my obsession continues) and a cute ginger jar at one of our favorite consignment stores. 

We decided to check out the mall next since I needed to return some things at Victoria Secret. We went to Sephora and I got some awesome new make up that I cannot wait to try out! I'm hoping to do a blog post/review on that, so stay tuned. 

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